'Anything Goes', the lead single from Gaga and Tony Bennett's duet album Cheek To Cheek, is now available on iTunes, Vevo, Google Play, and Amazon

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July 28th, 2014: Singing a cover of ‘Bang Bang’ at the Rose Theater in New York City 

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga

"Three years after the release of their first collaboration “The Lady Is A Tramp”, Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga are back with a brand new collaboration – a full album of classic jazz standards: Cheek To Cheek. Tony & Gaga became fast friends after meeting backstage at a charity gala in early 2011, and the start of their musical love affair was captured in the rousing and vibrant rendition of “Tramp” that appeared on Tony’s Grammy Award-winning album Duets II."

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@angiemeuth and I had some fun today. I am so in love with this piece. Of course it will always make me think of the night that I got to meet Gaga, but it is so much more than even that. The moment she walked into the room to meet us, I immediately thought of her song Gypsy because she looked just like a gypsy princess. That song is so important to me as I feel like I have such a wanderer’s spirit; some of my most cherished memories are those in which my friends and I take to the road with nothing but some money (and maybe Wicked tickets) in our pockets and a change of clothes in an overnight bag. Every time I look down at my arm, my mind is flooded with nothing but complete and utter happiness. So, to my best mates and my Gaga, those people who have gotten me through the hardest parts of my life so far, this one is for you. “Pack you bags and we can chase the sunset. Bust the rear view and fire up the jets cause it’s you and me, baby, for life.” 🌅 #ladygaga #gaga #artpop #artrave #artravechicago #artpopzone #gypsy #tattoos #guyswithtattoos #gypsytattoos (at Evermore Tattoos & Piercings)


Do you like Anything Goes? :) #ladygaga #tonybennett


"I feel like I am in a movie when I sing with you" -Lady Gaga to Tony

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Video of Gaga and Tony Bennett arriving at the TODAY Show earlier this morning. During the interview, they announced that ‘Cheek To Cheek’ will be released on September 23rd, 2014.

"I just didn’t wanna wear clothes today, for whatever reason. I just didn’t! I actually don’t even have any foundation on my face. I just wanted eyeliner and my McQueen boots."

July 28th, 2014: Singing a cover of ‘Bang Bang’ at the Rose Theater in New York City